Monday, September 21, 2015

Not to pro to say hello

How does the ocean say hello? 
With a little wave!

Classic Dad joke and something I think I need more of on this blog to be honest, and with a large back catalog of bad jokes to dispense I'm not holding back anymore (you've been warned)

But this is not so much about jokes but more about manners, or maybe just being a nice guy. A recent clip on youtube was doing the rounds and getting all the 'likes' from cyclists by a TV show The Weekly, a bit of light hearted and fact pointing segment on the relationship of Cyclists and Cars, Cyclists and the public. Now as guy who gets his training hours in on my commute to work each day (no time for pro hour 10am spins) I have encountered my fair share of dickheads on the road, and not all of them have been cars - I can also add in other cyclists, scooters and pedestrians to this list.

We all have a horror story, one we won't tell our better halves on the fear they will lock our bikes up, or sell them for less than we bought them for. The near miss, the bonnet flop or the angry motorcyclists who attempts to run you off the road. But I think the worse is between other cyclists, we need to get some love for each other.

I remember reading of the "Hell Ride" that took on the form of its name when a large group of racing cyclists crashed with a training pod of triathletes, causing some serious injuries, worse than the crash was the lack of responsibility to stop and make sure people were ok, instead flying past and ignoring those clearly in need of help.

We are a daring bunch the weekend warriors in lyrca, whether a coffee ride with friends, epic event in search of vert, or than early morning wanna be pro trying to get the hours in the legs before the real world begins. Its a brethren, a sub-culture in its own form with its own language, hand signals and fashion. Yet do we really look out for one another?

Bus drivers always have that nod, the one as they cross paths, a friendly little tip of the imaginary cap or maybe a little salute to say hello to a passing colleague or even just to acknowledge another bus and its drivers good work to deliver its human parcels safely and on time. If you search the internet every cycling club etiquette page mentions acknowledging other cyclists, I can tell you its rare.

I set out on a standard 50km + up Plenty Road on a Saturday morning, don't normally see too many people coming the other way at this time (6am) but as I turn around at Whittlesea I will always see morning club rides or social groups coming through. Now when I'm riding alone sometimes I have too many thoughts going on and other times I just like to chat to whoever I encounter on the road, be it runners, cyclists, morning walkers etc. Normally with a greeting of "good morning" or "bit brisk but great to be out" general chit chat that gets a similar response or a reply wishing me well. But not from other cyclists. In fact despite what you read I would put most rather than less cyclists in the rude brackets than car drivers. Maybe we are defensive having been honked at and almost run over, or are we're always on the attack due to constant media comments about banning us from the roads.

For a 25km return , not one reply. Ok maybe 1 or 2 but I must of past 20+ Groups or singles going out to Whittlesea and further. I know we are in the zone when we're out on a training ride but come on people! Say hello, tell the world you love riding your bike!

Let's make cycling a community, and I know there will be exceptions to this rule and I have had some great encounters of people spotting me on my bike from reading this blog or having seen one of my images on instagram, but lets be a big family no lyrca clad loners. You see me on the Boulevard say hello, if I'm in TT mode say hello, if I'm pulled up at the lights lets have a chat.

My Summer Resolution is to interact more, bring a community together without a facebook request. Going to use my mouth piece and a friendly wave.

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