Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September Training - Let's Get Serious!

Time to start carving up those stats! 

Let's get real!

Spring has sprung, I felt that warm sun on our ride in Mornington, the time is here the schedule starts to get thicker and it's not just racing events. Super Wife returns back to the 9-5 or the 8 till 4pm job and Z-Girl goes to childcare, this presents a whole range of big changes in my training and life schedule to factor in.

Up to this point things have been going well, been feeling stronger and fitter than ever and with some events now once a month leading into December means I'm busy and super excited!

The biggest challenge is finding the time to get my bike rides in, where I have been riding to work most days now in September I will have to do the morning Childcare drop off. With Z-Girl not being big enough to put in the bike trailer and the timings I will have to get the train afterwards cutting out 3 days of riding.

A 7:30am drop off does open up the possibility of a morning session pre-work, but will need to get changed and showered to take Z-Girl. With two free mornings Mon & Tues when the Diamond Mum-in-law will take Z-Girl means I will ride to work these days. To maximize this time I will stretch these rides out to long 40km+ spin.

My evenings will now include a trainer session on the bike, along with swimming still on Friday nights.Adding in a 7km running loop and using Friday mornings as a rest period before swimming leaves me not much choice regarding finding a rest day. Recovery will key along with being prepared with meals & lunches. I have some great fast breakfast recipes I will get up on here soon.

With early rises the fuel is going to be realyl important and making sure I get my rest; I had moved to grabbing a couple of extra beers out of the fridge recently, and I'm happy to admit it did effect training slightly, I also had come down with a little man flu for a few days which is always a concern for over training, I backed off for 2 days and everything got back to normal.

Not to forget my Personal Training business - yes I am the guy with so much time on my hands I thought I'd run a business on the side; and yes you can be trained by the Dadathlon at Zen Fitness Personal Training is also starting to get busy (up to 3 sessions per week) as I try to convert this business more part-time than casual, the idea I can hopefully drop the 9 to 5 grind and get paid doing what I love, training and impacting people full-time!

Training Plan:
Mon: Long Ride AM 40-50km
Tues: Long Ride AM 40-50km
Wed: Morning 7km Running Loop
Thurs: Evening Bike Trainer Session and Strength Workout
Fri: Swimming after Z-Girl is in bed
Sat: parkrun 5km, will incorporate some extra running KMs & Brick Sessions on this day
Sun: Group Ride 35km

Let's do this - I still rock only gathers Moss!

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