Sunday, March 1, 2015

Breaking 22

As mentioned in previous posts breaking and making a new PB is not something I think about or plan for; and Saturday morning was no different.

Pre-planning a BRICK (bike/run)  session with a riding/running buddy of mine, with a short 13km ride to Parkrun in the morning before taking off for a 5km run. Morning started well no wheel issues like last time and we were off down the road, crisp morning greeted us as we weaved down along the river.

Arriving with plenty of time to change and mentally prepare for the run; we weren't doing a traditional BRICK session as there was a few minutes between our ride and run but the legs were certainly warm and conditions lent to good times - overcast and not too warm.

At the start line we spoke with Celine Hepworth (2014 Gatorade Series Champion) former world champion dualathlete and a great source of knowledge to talk to; she also runs the very successful +Top Gear Cycles

Getting out hard was the idea, tagging on with Ivan a faster runner than myself and trying to stick with him for at least 2.5km even if I crashed out later.

The first 2km went well out of the blocks and into 4 minute kilometers; but the heart was pounding as we rounded up the 1st incline I knew at this pace I wasn't going to last. Naturally dropping down into a 4:30 km I felt my heart rate reduce and my body felt better heading into the heartbreak hill.

That Hill! I don't care who you are it's a tough one after getting out of the blocks early. 

Shuffling up I had lost a little time with 5:00 km knowing I would need more pace on the way down and to the uphill finish I started to get my stride right regulated my breathing.

It hurt, the lungs were busted but the time was there - grabbing extra minutes on the first 2km's made the difference so even dropping a 5min km in the middle didn't change the result. 21:48 and under 22 for the first time, my 3rd PB this year already. 

I was pleased to come off a regular riding pace and still perform comfortably into the run, in many respects a 5km run should be straight forward but I really pushed myself to an early threshold to see how I would react; I think doing this will help with upping my speed especially if I couple this with a mid-week hill run.

** Officially marked as 21:47; 12th overall but 1st in my age group.

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