Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How far is too far?

A lunch spent at a good friends baby full moon (it's an Asian culture thing) imagine a baby shower/ birthday in one with lots more noodles.

Once again and hopefully for the last time this year we were the only couple that didn't BYO Child, which was a shame as the blow up bouncy castle looked a treat. 

Waiting for a baby must be frustrating for my wife, as an active person herself (runner) the fact she has had to sit still for the past 4 weeks must be driving her crazy! For me it's over thinking that gets in my head, the thoughts of 'Am I prepared' or ' What do we need' I even get to second guessing if I'm cut out for this Dad stuff. 

So to clear my head after a couple of hours with people giving me all the advice on labor pains, poo filled nappies, no sleep - a ride is a must.

Rolling to meet a good mate in Richmond we discarded the usual Boulevard Lap and opted for a summer spin towards Port Melbourne for a cheeky pint, going past the crowds for the Moomba Festival, past the Casino making our way down to the silent streets of South Melbourne for a sunny beer at The London. 

How far is too far?

Well despite putting away a weaving 55km's it could be said I was only really 20km from home as the crow flies, and if the call had come in I may of broken some 5km sprint times! But the truth is, like most things pregnancy ain't like the movies. It's not a 30min event, more of a marathon effort. 

So it was a surprise when the next early morning joining a new riding group the Salvo Riders (Salvation Army) for a very early but rewarding Boulevard Ride that included a sprint section at Richmond - of course completed with a coffee; that a few of the guys were surprised my attendance considering my wife was 48hrs overdue.

Me I just shrugged it off - not a in a rude way or as uncaring; but at 2 days overdue and no movement happening what is a guy to do? I would have driven the wife crazy sitting at home, I'm not much of a garden type of person (that's the reason for the fake grass lawn)

For obvious reasons I have the phone on LOUD and always charged; I even stopped for a text message only to see it was my brother about a football score. I'm on a good edge, but on edge none the less but I need the clarity that running & cycling gives me to be focused and switched on when the time comes.

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