Monday, May 18, 2015

113 Reasons Why

I did it - phase one, of a three phase process. The next Phase being training for it and then final Phase being finishing GEELONG IM70, 1.9km Swim - 90km Bike - 21.1km Run, That's 113km of effort I need to muster in one day.

No it's not a full Ironman, but I will be fully fulfilled when I cross that finish line on the 7th of Feb 2016. Why not a full Ironman? Well cost was one thing; I just don't have that kind of money having spent most of it on nappies and coffee to function as a Dadathlete.

And putting in for an event that big would mean not being able to attempt anything else stupid which would make for a pretty boring blog!

To put it into common terms the amount of effort this will take here are some simple F A Q's of where I'm starting from:

  • I work full time 
  • I have a 2nd part-time job as a Personal Trainer 
  • I've never ran more than 10km in one go, let alone a half marathon after swimming and riding
  • Last time I did a long ocean swim was the Pier to Pub in 1996, I was 15 years old!!!
  • I've never ridden more than 90km without at least 2, count that 2 cafe stops
  • Oh and I'm a Dad & Husband that is required to support my family regardless of my training hours
So it's a good level of NO IDEA i'm beginning with; I'm steely determined individual at heart and the early morning training running/ swimming is going to take on a whole new meaning come July when I really start to get going with being ready for this event. 

So all my roads will lead to Geelong IM70; close to a month short of Z-Girls 1st Birthday, training will require some further discipline over the Christmas Break when I like to over purge on the vino and meats. And having this on my mind must be what I think of every time I lace up for even the shortest of runs, or when I use those words "I can't be bothered tonight" 

My goal in truth for this event is finish! Which I'm sure I can do; but it's to finish comfortably to feel like I'm in control for the whole race and not allow myself to walk,pause or be beaten. 

I think I do my best work on sporting fields when I'm inspired, when I can find a source of inner nerve to keep me pushing, keep on track. Sometimes I imagine my opponents training harder than me, sometimes I think of the last time I failed. 

These acts of training will be the reverse, I want to inspire, I want people to think that it's possible to do something EPIC even when life seems too busy, I want my daughter to think that her dad ain't no slouch!

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