Monday, May 25, 2015

Beach Rd of the North

Beach Rd; the drag strip of Victorian cycling.

From the Cafe Racer to the Black Rock round about this strip of road starting slowly from St Kilda out to Mordiallic (Mordi for the locals) has long been the place to be seen, the show and shine of the cycling community.

It's a nice place for a spin, also intimidating place for a newbie to the sport or casual rider with the large groups whizzing past as has been seen with the accident only a few months back; it was this issue that sparked up a conversation with a friend who wanted to work some straight 'triathlon' style riding without the hassles that Beach Rd can bring, and with more room than the flat section of the Yarra boulevard in Richmond.

Plenty Rd - now I may be exposing something you already knew, or giving up my secret spot. But Plenty Road early in the morning on a Saturday or Sunday overs great flat out riding and space for nice size groups without the hassle that Beach Rd brings with morotist and other riders.

Good size groups are still seen out there, and with the Humevale Climb just outside Whittlesea and routes back towards Kinglake you can really extend this ride out to some spic lengths with either flat or hill options.

It was this morning that I set out with a good little group including a long term mate and riding partner, current IM Athlete & meeting my brother (a newbie to the cycling/ dualathlons) part way at Mernda section.

COLD! like frosty cold, hands numb as we clocked past Mernda and got deeper into the ever thickening fog (don't get that on Beach Rd) but it cleared up as we entered into Whittlesea, which has to one of very few country cycling route towns that misses a good Cafe Latte .... or a place open at 8am other than a greasy spoon breakfast spot.

It gets a little rough in patches at Yan Yean but with plenty of town lines along the route the sprint points are available! And I need to set out better markers.

With a slight grade upwards towards Whittlesea - the route back can be taken with a bit of pace so long as you don't hit any traffic lights (or maybe all of them!) you'll find in even a small group heading back home is always quicker.

A great ride and solid 60km spin - worth adding in once a month or more to get more Km's in the legs leading into the GeelongIM70

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