Monday, April 13, 2015

Full Moon Running

It wasn't that long ago, in fact I can almost pin point it. Away win with the rugby club after playing Northern RFC back at the club house and cracking a few beers before thinking that wasn't enough and heading to the infamous Diamond Creek Tavern aka The Snake Pit to put away a few more.

Arriving home at an ungodly hour and then spending the rest of Sunday nursing a bruised body from the game and an equally bruised head from the beer....

Now it's 9:15pm on a Wednesday night and I'm slapping the pavement, without an iPod on a cool Melbourne evening as the seasons transfer from Summer to Autumn to Winter all in the space of about 3 days. No iPod means I tend to think more about things rather than operating on automatic mode.

With the full moon overhead, the left over of a blood moon eclipse from the weekend just gone it lights up the tree lined streets as I clock in a relatively relaxed mid-week session - this run is generally a top up run somewhere between 3-5km sometimes its hills, sometimes I just try to run for 30mins straight just to keep my cardio in the right spot.

It's all about the fitness base at the moment, as discussed with my IM70 partner Ivan, just building a base and staying focused on each event as they come. 10km in July means no really hard training till MAY/JUNE. Just sticking to 100+Km on the bike and 8-10km on the legs each week - coupled with 1-2 sessions with the kettlebells keeps me in check.

Staring at that moon is amazing how in 4 weeks that chemical change in my mind has really struck me; I'm a DAD! And I have a responsibility to this little defenseless human that sleeps, poops and eats but without me it can't survive. So now on my Friday nights I enjoy the comfort of my couch with my amazing wife and a few fleeting moments with the Z-Girl before her bedtime.

I don't really drink - maybe a mid-strength beer while watching the rugby or a glass of wine with dinner; my training requires late night events or early morning rises so I can spend as much of my time with her.

I used to go to full moon parties, now I do full moon running ..... and I think I enjoy it more.

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