Monday, April 13, 2015

APRIL's Plan - The building phase

Well it took a little longer than expected - kids can do that to your life, life can do that to your blog ...

My plan for April - I had to do some soul searching regarding my involvement with Rugby, and that facts are I'm semi-retired to be wheeled out for testimonials and games when the 2nd XV are short on old men. It's a natural non-fanfare retirement, not being carried for the field just winning a Premiership and thinking that was a job well done!

So with no real requirement for Rugby it does free up funds $$$$ and time on weekends for training.

I must stay focused on each event in a natural progression without getting too far ahead in my thinking, its the cliche of "one game/ event at a time" but it wouldn't be a cliche if it wasn't in some part true. There is no point IM70 training now for an event in Feb 2016.

July 10km Pram Push at Run Melbourne is in the cross hairs - and IM70 training will offically begin Jul/Aug, we also have to begin to build strength for 16 week Half Mara event in Oct - that training won't start till June and will work well with the warm-up Dualathlon events as testers.

So its building the foundation time; NO POOL WORK - just fitness base at the moment aiming more for weekly KM Goals that times, but also making sure I have a hard ride/run each week to test and push myself into the red.

Diet needs to get back on track - and that is coming along a lot better that last 2 weeks. Cutting down on booze but still enjoying the odd tipple, no more that 2 drinks at any time keeps that in check.

More focus needs to be on recovery, stretching and foam rolling which I can be slack on. Thinking of booking myself in for a massage once a month to help with this.

General Plan (always flexible with Z-Girl)

  • Mon-Fri - riding bike to work each day, sometimes with extra KMs gives me 90km per week
  • Wed Night - mid week run either an easy 3-5km or Banksia St Hill Session to build strength
  • Sat - Parkrun, this is hard run for the week must be under 25mins
  • Sun - Group Ride with a Sprint race means I'm pushing myself on the bike. 

On Average 100km + Bike and 10km Running, add in 1-2 sessions of strength/ core and of course plenty of rest and recovery.

You can't build a house on sand (pretty sure this from the bible somewhere in the back, I remember a little from Sunday School)

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