Friday, March 17, 2017

Numbers for Trophies

Not sure where I heard of Steve Abraham first; somewhere between my Youtube TV Shows & various cycling & running podcasts I became interested in the idea of 'volume' the question of how many miles/kilometers you can do in a single moment, streak or even within a year.

Steve Abraham is attempting to ride the most miles by a cyclist (over 75,000) the record is still held by Tommy Godwin from his 1939 attempt. Now before my wife reads this and thinks I'm going on a quest so as to get out of doing the dishes, its ok I have no interest in this sort of challenge. 

Yet with my new look at swimming, cycling & running, coupled with my philosophy of not training for events. Let's be clear when I say 'not training' I am just not buying into a set schedule, instead just getting out and moving. The reality is my volume of work means I will always be fit enough to complete most events with a good time; by taking the pressure off following a training plan it means I'm working more on feel.

Today I feel like intervals or today my body is telling me to rest, or most likely today my kid has some kind of rash, the wife is at a work event & the cat just puked on the floor.

To match this distance/ time training attitude, I started to look further into the the numbers I have done in the past and studied what these days would be described as 'old school' training methods; and the reality is before cycling Team Sky and the phrase 'marginal gains' the tried and true method of finishing a marathon or climbing a mountain was to put in the kilometres. Eddy Merckx the famous all winning cyclist training rides were legendary, not for the complex programs but on distance! Finding his sweet spot in cadence and just spinning those wheels over and over again.

My goals for this year based around numbers are quite conservitive but I feel like the winter could effect them, with no training pressure I"m already feeling more mentally relaxed and enjoying moving again so I have set myself what is generally called a 'stretch goal' this a target to aim for if I feel like its within reach for a little bonus kudos!

Distance Goals:
Cycling for the year 4,500km (stretch 5,000km)
Running for the year 832km (stretch 950km)

Cycling is averaging around 86km per week, which at the moment I"m on 100km average but I have a overseas trip with no bike! and the wet winter may hold me back a little. I'm hoping by racing it will help me stay motivated as well.

Running is averaging 16km per week, I think this goal is pretty obtainable and maybe even the stretch goal. I normally run more on holidays and have been making a habit of taking the dog for a short run most mornings. With me thinking about attempting a Marathon - just the word makes me shudder a bit, it's true I will happily ride 100km in one sitting but 42km on my feet scares me. Plus some on going pain issues from my accident has certainly slowed my running ability at present.

So that is the plan from here to the end of the year, eat up some pathway & chew on some roads. I'm going to still manage my data using Strava as they have a lot of distance trophies to help me stay motivated and monitor my progress in more depth with Training Peaks program which I have mentioned in previous posts, this program will help me adjust my volume so I'm well rested in the lead up to events and hopefully peaking at the right time.

Next up 1st of April is my first cycling road race should be interesting seeing how I've regained my fitness since the accident.

Now I must go, my leg is being licked by the four legged daughter who clearly keen for me to add more KM's to my Strava account and go for a run!

My Strava profile link is below:

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