Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A true Marathon

After a few months of preparing for the DADathlon life - it happened!

Normal sort of Wednesday really; got up early set the bike up for a spin into work the warm morning air had me already thinking I'd go via some hills on the way home to clock up some extra KMs. That was put to a stop as soon as I arrived at City Square - the phone call "I think I'm having contractions?"

I'm not sure how everyone else reacts to this, but I'm a inquisitive person and a double checker so i asked "are you sure?"

It was pretty obvious this race had begun but like most Marathons there was no sprint start just a process of waiting and working hard; I spent most the day at work (how I got anything done I don't know) then at 3pm I'd had enough got on board the Bianchi and rode home, sadly not at a great pace as luck would have it I got EVERY Red Light coming out of the city on Wellington and even red lights I didn't know existed were turning against me. 

Today was not the day of the birth, in fact neither was Thursday as we both worked side by side for upwards of 36 hours; the wife was amazing her strong will and endurance showed in her ability to handle pain and pressure. 

In the end not for health or emergency reasons but we had to have a C-Section so the recovery is going to be tough for the Super Wife; 6 weeks and some major pain killers but spirits are high now that I have both my little ladies home after 4 Days in the Hospital. 

Zara was born at 12:51am March 13th having taken a few days off I joined my group ride Sunday morning at 7am to the delight of the crew and the cafe; FREE Coffee all round.

Training will change and at the moment I'm still recovering myself from 30 hours of no sleep, the Sunday ride helped put me in a better state of mind, but I left Monday as a recovery day. 

I've set-up the wind trainer on the spare bike so I can get 30mins of spinning legs tonight and some kettlebells; and hopefully a run tomorrow morning.

Let the games begin! 

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