Friday, March 27, 2015

All Roads to Geelong 2016.

This wonder kid reminds me of our cat, eating one minute and then hunting for food the next!

Not a bad life if you could scream and then get what you want; that said customer service seems a very similar industry when you put it like that. 

First 2 weeks have been relatively easy; breast feeding cuts me out of the loop for most of the feeds except for my evening bottle and having been off work for this time it's meant finding time for a run/ ride have been pretty easy to do at midday or late afternoon.

But I'm back at work now - on the grind 8:30-5:30pm; not including my PT Group on Mon/Wed and Rugby Training Thurs (yes I'm still playing, counting it as x-training in the winter) So I need to look at how I'm going to plan for my upcoming events over the next 39 weeks of the year, yep just 39 left of 2015.

It's obvious I will need to make some sacrifices; not just time but also that dreaded dollar bill needs to stretch to pay for items and entry fees (still no big sponsor is yet to tap on my door) 

So on a long traffic filled bus trip I started to do the math for the $$ and the counting of dates to the training plans. 

I also forgot to mention I added a 70.3 Geelong IM to that first events list and cut out Sprint Series (well part of it) So all roads lead to Geelong in 2016 1.3km Swim, 90km Bike, 21km Run. But between that I still have:

March: Charity 1 hour Run Event
April - July: Rugby Season 
July: 10km Run Melbourne
September: Dualathlon 
October: Lake Mountain Ride
October: Melbourne Half Marathon
November: Gatorade Elwood Sprint
December: Gatorade St Kilda Olympic
Feb 2016 Geelong 70.3 Ironman; EEK!

It will take upwards of 8 weeks to prep for a half marathon, and 6 months to fully prepare for Geelong; so I need to time my training around these dates working backwards so as not to over work or to peak too early. 

So to begin with I'm going map out my training guide each month so you can see how I'm going to obtain my final goal of finishing Geelong in hopefully good condition rather than a bumbling mess of spit and sweat.

At this stage its about maintaining a strong fitness base for the rugby season with Half Marathon training coming into effect in June. 

April will bring the Rugby Season and also some colder weather so some treadmill runs along with bike rides and some kettle workouts will keep me conditioned - I invested in a indoor wind-trainer for my bike which will help me clock some bike hours when the weather doesn't look as inviting. 

Naturally my party days at the clubhouse might have finished; even the odd couple of beers at home. Cutting back on the excesses in my life isn't a bad thing; and I guess I've been known to push the boundaries between athlete and bar fly in the past somehow still being able to perform after arriving home earlier that morning.

With constant wake-ups by Baby Z I will need to be on my game; and also need to get those workouts done later or earlier than normal. 

So April is not far away, let me get this plan together and post up here in a week.


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