Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Window of Opportunity

Redundant. That's it. Redundant in my job and feeling redundant in my life. And then that fog showed up, the one that seems to tangle itself around my internal thoughts. It's a fog that only affects me when I'm standing still. Luckily I can out-swim, out-run and out-bike it. In fact playing sport has always kept the fog from floating in, but this time it just sat heavy, like a wet coat. What am I going to do now? I have no job, no payout and the job market in the sports industry was thin to say the least. And the more I thought about it the deeper the fog got.

I spent most of Z-Girl's first birthday (good timing for redundancy) smiling on the outside and feeling ripped in half on the inside. Looking at my house from the park across the road, all I could think about was my bills, my daughter and how the hell am I going to start again. I am tired of starting again, work has always been the area of my life where I have struggled to find my niche. I have never been unemployed for long because apparently I've got a talent for the hustle. However the hustle has a tendency to keep you busy but will never make you happy. 

Seven years ago I completed some certificate studies in Personal Training and Gym Instruction, it was part of a master plan that never got going. A move to England and back with multiple employment changes over the following by years had made me risk adverse and the thought of running my own business made my knees shake. I focused on getting the steady job the one that puts money in my pocket but then I would get frustrated and go looking for something else. 

"You can go on doing the same thing and you'll always get the same result," Super Wife stands and corrects me in the kitchen, "You won't be happy until you control what you do." 

Sometimes in life you need a jolt, something to make you sit up and rethink everything and look at what you have in front of you. I have me, my mind, my body and my health. I have years of experience playing sport at a high level which has given me the opportunity to see the best and in some cases train with the best athletes. I have also coached kids, women, men, amateurs and semi-professionals.

I stared at the job sites and figured it was worth seeing if anyone was after an ex-athlete, with two years personal training experience running small boot camps for a group of mums. My only real selling point is my passion, but I'd have to get an interview to show it. 

I breathe training and coaching, I love getting and seeing people get the most out of themselves. When I knew I couldn't go any further with my chosen sport (basketball) I turned to coaching but sadly 15 years ago coaching basketball in Australia didn't put food on your table. I like to instruct, but more importantly I like to guide. Despite the fog that chases me I feel a personal joy in the radiance of peoples love for moving, whether running a marathon or doing a fitness circuit. I'm the guy that stands on the side of the road at running events and cheers everyone! Not just the person I came to see. So I wrote my resume and started sending it out. And you know what, this ex-athlete with a little experience but a lot of passion was soon running around to interviews.

And now I'm in control, and I've left the wet coat on the hanger. I'm getting out on my own, hoping to help others to train for their shining moment, to create lasting change to someone who wasn't sure they had the guts to do it. Like I didn't have the guts to do it, but now I am. Maybe I've gained more internal courage from my swim/bike/run mentality and so this triathlon 'phase' continues to make me a more positive person and gives me the spark I needed to light the fire, or maybe I just needed Super Wife to tell it to me straight! 

Thanks for reading it's been a tough old time personally and took me a while between key strokes to get this one out, I'll be working for Jetts Fitness in Northcote and also independently as a Personal Trainer. Happy to chat about setting up programs for weight loss, event goals or just wanting to flick a switch and get better. 

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