Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sommerville Sports - Fresh Kit Review

My Sunday morning coffee ride group just got their brand new kit for 2015 and it's a sensational pro-fit kit; it fits so nice I just gotta rave about it - in fact if I rave loud enough maybe I will get some fresh stash from them.

Sommerville Sports

Stripped from the website:

" Founded in 2001, we were initially a coaching and bicycle fit service. We worked with athletes to develop their best potential and many of our client achievements have ranged from winning local club races to national championships.

A New York City-based cycling team followed. As the team's size and stature grew, we were regularly invited to race all over the world, including events in Spain, China, Macau, Canada, Venezuela, Belize, El Salvador, Thailand, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Taiwan and more. Needless to say, our passports have a lot of stamps.

Fast forward thousands of training miles, hundreds of tire punctures, and a few years of pain-staking product development, we have launched our clothing business and haven't looked back. "

This positively hip and cycling focused company has now hit our shores here in Australia with an official supply line for all clubs and lovers of good fitting, well performing cycling kit;  Small minimum orders (min qty of 5 pieces) means even the smallest training group can get the "Pro Look" on a Sunday morning as they scramble for the best tasting espresso.

I mean other than NY Giants not much bad has ever come out of New York and this stuff passes the test; my kit includes a pro fit jersey. With nice seams and the fit is tight but with a little room to grow/ age into; the bibs are made of race quality Lycra with a quality chamois for those long days in the saddle as well as fitting perfectly with good grippers to keep them in place. 

At the end of the day when you order a custom kit you want good advice and a great product to match; the product is a no brainer, you only have to put these items side by side with cheap Chinese imports and you know this is winning every time.

As a Dad-athlete I got mouths to feed but I also want quality for the money I lash out and with this kit I know it will last beyond one summer on the bike. 

The second best part is the Australian distributor Ivan is a true cyclists! Not just that guy that rides a bike when the sun is out and has seen a money making opportunity; Ivan is involved with the cycling and running community and a kit addict himself he knows what looks good! And wouldn't wear it if it didn't! with a keen eye on style and function he can help with material selection, fit and design. 

And for those lucky enough to get the invite you can come out on Sommerville Sport Australia's constant weekend search for vert, nothing makes this guy more happy than more vertical that horizontal metres after a day in the saddle. 

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