Monday, June 1, 2015

The winter is coming (June Training Plan)

I can't even feel my jaw, and I have a good bit of facial fuzz. It's numb as I ride into the chill air, my toes I think are still on the ends of my feet but won't be able to confirm until I get in the shower and feel them burning in the warm shower.

Winter is here; and I just signed up to the IM70 & have a Dualathlon and 10km event coming up.

June is a big build-up month and also going to be tough to get the training hours in, so I'm getting by with a little help from my friends as Barry Crocker would say. Convincing a group of them to sign-up for the first race of the Dualathlon Series starting July 12th means I have some training partners.

They are all pretty novice or former triathletes than stopped a few years back to ride or run only.

Having a group to call on means I have the motivation of not letting the guys down; and so far the results have shown with a 60km group ride and a run with a friend around Albert Park. It's been a casual building of strength with repetition more than anything else and making sure I'm preparing a good base to race off come July 12th.

The colder months brings with it plenty of rain so my ability to rely on my daily commute by bike to work as training hours is going to become difficult, so need make sure I'm getting in an even spin on the trainer or when the weather is nice heading out early and clocking some 50+ km rides.

With running I'm working a 2 per week of at least 5km if not long - really working on tempo rather than pushing hard for PB's as I know it's tempo in Oct for Half Mara & Geelong that will get me over the line.

Z-Girl has graduated to the big girls pram which means I can now start to think about running/ jogging with her; will need to start off slowly but this adds an extra family element to training I'm keen to explore and some parkrun events.

The aims this month is 2 good rides and 2 good runs per week, and making sure I add in a rest day on a Monday where I get back to foam rolling as I've let this slip and I can feel the body getting tight. Need to start to look after the body better in the tougher months to be ready for a two event month in July.

We have the luck of a nice long bank holiday weekend, which is always a good opportunity to relax a little more in a change of environment, and with the now traditional trip to the northern border also bringing with it nicer weather means I can stretch the legs out on some BRICK sessions along with plenty of family time relaxation.

So June is a the month for preparing and repairing - tuning up as July will be here quicker than I think.

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