Monday, June 29, 2015

Running Season

The leaves have fallen off the trees and the chill factor has definitely hit Melbourne; most mornings the temperature gauge struggling to get above double digits.

Running Season.

So long as it's not raining I find I enjoy the chill factor of running in this weather; I don't over heat and as long as I have the right gear on (hat and some gloves) I find I can really get the legs turning.

More importantly in the past two weeks Super Wife has gotten her grove back, the one person that really inspired me to take up more running was her. Watching her cross the finish line at the Brighton Marathon (England) was a real eye opener, the joy in her face, the buzz she had and the feeling of accomplishment after all those hours on the treadmill and running around the parks in Southampton paid off.

I wanted that feeling, so I turned to her parkrun group as she got pregnant and couldn't run as much and started off slowly and now I couldn't imagine NOT running now. It's taken 3 months since the birth of Z-Girl but she has slowly gotten back to running 5km - it's great family activity we can both enjoy compared to my rugby matches.

It's a great feeling to have the three of us out on the running paths together at parkrun this weekend just gone; I've taken to pushing the pram around with what I thought was good success; knocking out a 25:41 over 5km and put in some nice splits to go with it.

With the Duathlon around the corner and Run Melbourne 10km also now only 4 weeks away; not to mention the Sommerville Geelong Ride this weekend it's an action packed couple of weeks.

The wife has signed up for the Half Marathon in Oct with me which will be great and gives me another training buddy; and with all the stress of being a parent I know sometimes she doesn't have the energy so it's great if I can do the reverse and motivate her. Super Wife is also keen on the Run Melbourne 10km at the end of July as a tester.

So it's officially running season! I need to make sure I'm getting a longer run in when I can as well as short one over the weekend with the family. I tested my endurance and route by running to work this week - with a good distance of 10-12km I can make it as hard or as easy as I like and really pushed me even going at a steady 6:10 per km.

With my monthly training plan now coming up for review again (will post it in the coming days) I need to look at ways of adding more with out losing evening time with Z-Girl. I have certainly found I'm more productive with my training early in the morning than I am in the evenings and so will factor this in; along with upping my KM's on the bike and running legs - not quite ready to add in swimming till August at the moment but need to make sure I'm leaving plenty of adaptable space to add it later.

I've rested more this month and gotten back to recovery; also given alcohol the boot which has helped with the early rises and even the bank balance $$ ca-ching!

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