Thursday, June 18, 2015


I ride upwards of 100km a week to work, not including the extra KM's I try to cover in morning sessions and weekend group rides.

Since September 2014 I started riding to work and I must say I've not really had a particular incident with cars; the odd yelling out of the window or a car speeding past me a little close but nothing that has ever realyl bothered me.

Till now ...

7:20am Sparks Ave; I ride down in regularly on my way to work. Not going at any real pace as its a wet morning and I know to take it easy on the slick roads as I roll along I can see a silver Holden car edging out from a side road. Flicking the brakes as I think they are going to pull out but maybe they aren't?

YES THEY DO! Right as I'm 2 meters from the car; I jam both brakes and slide a little hitting the drivers side door; they stop, briefly look at me as I yell something like "hey hey hey stop!"

They didn't stop - instead jamming down the accelerator and speeding off to the next intersection. My bike seems ok, my hip is a little bruised but I turn to catch part of the number plate "SDR" - I turn my bike in the hope of catching the rest of the plate number, but they again speed off.

I'm in shock! It's wet on the roads a light drizzle and I'm only 3km from home and this guy didn't even top to say sorry, check if I'm ok?

I've watched CSI, Borderwatch and read how they have tracked a murder with the DNA of a cigarette butt; yet calling my local police without a full plate number I can't place a report!! I know the car make, I know the colour and I know the first 3 letters - this must close down the net a little smaller for searching on a computer.

This mug is going to get away with this; a careless act - and they reckon registration helps stop crimes! Be mistaken it doesn't make a difference. I'm angry at the worlds idiots seemingly getting away with more and more.

Hopefully he is a local employee who drives like I ride the same route most mornings as I won't forget that car or his face as he looked at me and will collect the rest of the plate number and STILL put in my report.

Don't ever talk about registration for cyclists stopping crimes, or careless cyclists running red lights anymore - I witness DAILY cars going across red lights, breaking the law and driving at speed and dangerously more than I ever have or seen from cyclists.

An angry morning on the bike but it won't stop me from riding just make me even more aware.

#hitandrun #forher #cyclingalways #dadathlon

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