Friday, June 5, 2015

RUN BRIS (parkrun review)

Work took me to Brisbane for four days, so I took my training shoes - and aren't I glad I did.

There is a reason why Triathlons elite like to base themselves in warm climates to maximize training; Brisbane was what they call a cool 20C for me it was ideal running weather.

My week started with a recon run of sorts, as I laced up for Forrest Gump style morning jog (this is a run where I have no route I just run!) rolling the feet over down towards the river and then back up to my hotel I found Brisbane to have more hills that I thought, with the city itself seemingly perched above the river.

A long week at a work conference about horse racing, had me very tired Friday night so a chicken roast meal and some rugby viewing on the telly-box, amazing how Parramatta Eels can send you to sleep.

It's an early rise for parkrun in the State of QLD with Melbourne runs kicking off at 8am here it's 7am; not to fuss a long black and piece of fruit got me going. As a rounded the corner to join the pre-run chit chat the sight was amazing a huge grassed area right by the river; a volunteer running a whole group warm-up session before we got going.

The course itself has its hazards; a few bollards to dodge before the first river crossing, and being on a very popular cycle route there is a few of my velo friends to contend with; I wasn't out to break records - in fact I don't think I had it in me, but getting stuck at the back of the very large I'd say over 300 runners! meant I needed to get a wriggle on.

Stepping up the pace a bit I extended myself along the river with great views of early morning high-rise buildings coupled with the river to my left made for great running experience, and then the next obstacle ....


Yep they have a set of stairs, and not just a couple a good flight of stairs up onto the 2nd and final bridge crossing, after running close to 3km stairs seemed a bit of a push and would certainly factor in some interesting PB attempts, and of course what goes up must come down - so more stairs on the other-side!

Another interesting bike vs. runner crossing that is manned with a volunteer (they must have close to 10 required) was a little interesting and then a dead flat finish. From the finish line which they have made a thin single entry chute, which I think is great for the timers - you then have to walk another 200m (cool down) back to the start line to get scanned.

And greeting you is warm-up volunteer running a group cool-down! on the banks of the river with the sun rising; what more could you ask for. My first parkrun outside of Westerfolds was a great experience and Brisbane has showed with plenty of volunteer power you can create a amazing atmosphere (but the warm weather always helps)

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