Friday, July 3, 2015

Tour de Event (July Training Plan)

 I can feel the start of something happening this month; event dates are being confirmed and the training doesn't feel like it's for nothing at the moment.

July is a big month for events, the first Duathlon is on the 12th of July which is a great marker to see where I am regarding fitness, transitions and overall improvement from last year. It was these events by Tri Vic that really kick started this love of multi-sport and challenges.

I'd like to try and compete in at least 3 of the 4 Duathlons this Series, which is basically one a month till September, I think they are affordable ($55) and the dates fit well around current upcoming running events. Can't imagine I will win the series or even place in my age group but if I can stick a good time along with enjoy myself with a few new friends I've made so far on the journey then it's all worth it.

Next up is the Sommerville Sports Australia Geelong Ride; as mentioned in previous post Fresh Kit Review  I'm a big fan of their custom kits and lucky enough to get an invite to their group rides. This one is bound be great with a train ride to Geelong from Melbourne and then spin down to Torquay and back taking in some great hill climbs that featured in the Cadel Evans Road Race last year - will be a tough 80km on Saturday so I've backed off the legs the last two days to make sure I'm fresh for this one. a group ride on the day the Tour de France starts is just a great way to celebrate cycling's most prestigious event!

Run Melbourne 10km is a family affair on the 26th of July; with the wife fearing she would get FOMO (fear of missing out) is a late starter, she clocked in her first 5km run last week just 16 weeks since giving birth, which I think is a pretty fair effort. Z-Girl will also be joining me as we attempt to knock over this together with her in the Pram ideally I'd like to finish this one side by side with the wife, even if it means backing off a little and not trying to gun down other runners.

With all this in mind along with eyes looking forward to the Half Marathon and needing to start to get some training runs in July is going to be a real balancing act of Fitness/ Rest/ Health. It's getting cold I can already feel a little cold coming on, the nose is runny and the throat is a little horse - super important to stay healthy as well as rested to make sure I can complete and put in some good times. I have something BIG on for 3 of the 4 weeks of this month.

To keep up with the rat race I've made sure I'm foam rolling every night when I've ridden or run - no excuses! even if it's just for 10 minutes before bed, if I feel a little extra sore I'm wearing compression leggings to bed at night to help with the recovery process. Adding in vitamins to my daily in take, trying to boost my immune system and red blood cells I'm taking:

  • B Complex
  • Multi Vit
  • Iron 
  • Zinc

The biggest change for me this month is Beer; I've cut back to nothing! I did notice that it's a charity month of Dry July, but this isn't the reason - in fact I didn't even know about it. I'm looking to make sure I'm fresh and ready to go this month and taking a back seat to the Friday 4 beers and the Saturday 6 beers and sometimes a scotch before bed is going to make sleeping better and early starts easier. To go with that I'm making sure I drink more water and herbal teas.

This is a big move on the no booze, I'm not a heavy drinker but a consistent sipper of a couple during the week and a few on the weekend. Also it's my birthday this month so that's the sort of sacrifice I'm willing to take!

My training plan has changed slightly, still riding to work but wanting to get more running KMs in the legs so running to work once a week will give me an average of 15km per week of running, Resting on Monday's and going for a long ride on Friday mornings on the chances I don't group ride Sunday due to the weather. The parkrun group run on Saturday's is back as a family thing and it's great motivation to have super wife with me.

Did I mention the Tour de France starts this month? Late nights, inspired dreams of peletons and mountain climbs.

Of course full reports of each event will be posted up as this month starts - Can't wait! Super excited about it!

Training Plan:
Mon - Rest Day
Tues - Long Run Day (Running to work 11km)
Wed - Recovery Ride to Work
Thurs - Ride to Work
Fri - AM Long Ride 40km
Sat - Parkrun/ 5km
Sun - Group Ride

Sommerville Ride Geelong 4th July
Duathlon 12th July
Run Melbourne 10km 26th July

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