Thursday, February 4, 2016

One is such a lonely number

Three days out from the season goal; I signed up to this event 39 weeks ago my Instagram account tells me. In the beginning I was hoping just to finish, after the 3 triathlon events I did the year before in 2014, I doubled up with 6 events this year (two more left after Geelong) the rugby player to endurance athlete sometimes catches me looking at my weight loss of almost 15 kgs and wondering how I ever packed down a good scrum. My mindset has changed dramatically as I monitor everything I do pre training day and post training day to make sure I'm getting the hours and efforts in, without forgetting my No.1 responsibility and that's being a Father/Husband.

Three days away from what I feel will be the start of bigger goals and quests. I have fine tuned my training, working harder and smarter to improve some weakness in my running and riding. My times have gotten quicker and I don't think I have ever been this fit in my life! Considering I have played sport all my life that is a surprise.

With only a handful of days to go I am more excited to get to the start line than concerned, I was happy for the gun to go off on Wednesday and get this race started already; but it would be remiss of me to think I did it all by myself. This individual sport needs more than just you, a pair of googles, a bike and something to run in that won't scare the locals. Lot's of people have given me advice or helped me up to this point but three stick out pretty clearly.

#3 The Companies; brands rule sports. Working in sports marketing I know all too well that companies supply and support. Physiohealth have covered my entry fees for Duathlons and Triathlon Series this year along with kitting me out. Verge Sport AU have not only kitted me out in great cycling gear to train in, and now my fabulous Tri-Kit is also done by them! 

#2 The People, I train alone a lot of the time. I don't have the ability to get in on 'club rides' or group fitness sessions. And when I have some free time I'd rather spend it at the Zoo with Z-Girl and Super Wife or maybe getting brunch somewhere. The people I've been in touch with so far have been great, from National Champions, former champions, Ironman Finishers, mates that ride bikes and people from the parkrun running community have all been great. I have shared my training openly with them, talked running, cycling advice. The people I meet while competing in triathlon are the ones that inspire me to keep training, 

#1 Team Reid, it's a small team just three key players but it's the greatest sporting cliche, without a strong family you can't achieve what you want. Super Wife has spent many a solo night on the couch as I duck out at 8pm for a long run, or looked after Z while I trek far away kilometers on my bike, or she is the wife that brings the spare clothes to the family event as I race her there on foot or two-wheels. Z-Girl is the best cheerleader, I'm starting to be concerned she only recognizes me in lycra, or thinks dad wears chlorine aftershave 2 days a week. She has grown up so much in what is close to a year since I started training, and I hope in the years to come we can share more swimming, running and riding days.

Three seems like I'm leaving people out, but I think those that know they have helped or spent some time riding next to me in the lead up to this know who they are. There is going to be lots of people on Sunday cross the finish line that are parents; so I know I'm not creating a miracle by jumping in the water on Sunday, but I think when you take on a substantial challenge in life the important people around bring themselves to the forefront and that has certainly been true the past 39 weeks.

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