Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Product Review: Premax Creams

It's about time we had a product review on here. 

Now I don't get endorsements (yes! shameless plug for free stuff) so I can promise that any reviews on this blog will be up front and honest; and if it was the case I'd say so you knew I was just blowing some corporate hot air. 

I'll stick to reviewing new items I purchase/ or are given and give them a bit of a test run, and then leave the rest up to you; hopefully you provide your feed back if mine is somewhat off the pace so to speak. 

PREMAX Sports creams

An Australian Company - and we love local products! that is well know in cycling circles as sponsors of Cycling Australia teams.

From the website:

Premax was founded in 2006 by Australian Sports Physiotherapist, Randall Cooper.
In the pursuit of the perfect tool for his work, Randall decided to see if he could create a range of new massage products which were non-greasy yet long-lasting and glided on the skin and therefore suitable for clinicians such as himself.
I happened to come across the products receiving them from Cycling Australia having won a twitter comp; yes you can win twitter comps - off topic I've been cleaning up with free tickets and the like. 
In the post from Cycling Australia I received a sample size of the Sunscreen, Anti Friction Cream, Arnica & Sports Massage Cream. A great little pack for a busy cyclist over the Dec/Jan period. 
The sunscreen is good sunscreen, plenty of coverage, it talks of being super quick drying not so sure about the super bit of the statement but it does dry well, without leaving my hands greasy. The little 50ml tube is a good size for kit bags at tri-events and as a bald man I need some sunscreen. 
Anti Friction Cream is not something I've had exposure to, generally I've used a bit of petroleum jelly on the rubbing areas when at Tri-Events as I find the salt water and running can cause a little rubbing at times. Most of the time I don't ride more than 25km and I never have an issue with chaffing. 
I needed a good long ride to test this product so on a journey out to watch/ride the Cadel Great Ocean Road Race (they need to shorten that name!) I figured an early morning damp ride over 50km would be just the trick, not sure on application levels I tended to get a 20 cent piece size in my hand then gave it spread around in the downstairs department.  
As mentioned I've not used cream down there - but this felt a little sloppy; like I was sweaty without having done any exercise. But once I got moving everything felt pretty slick, it was a damp day as anyone who watched the race on TV between Channel 7's constant advertisement breaks, so the chance for chaffing was high.
Results were good and I came out with a mark; would be great to test this in a Triathlon with more changes in conditions, but it past the 50km test.
The Massage Creams Arnica & Sports I haven't used extensively. Arnica was a favorite of mine for recovery massages and I found helped to ease pain, this cream is very smooth and non-greasy leaving a nice but not overly strong odor. Sadly I don't have a young Swedish Masseur to assist with application and a Pregnant Wife was not so excited at the prospect of testing it either. 
So it was me massaging me - remember this is a family friendly blog! 
The Sports Cream on opening the lid has that Football/Rugby/ Soccer home team locker room smell; a heat based cream great for warming up those legs prior to an early morning ride; I'd almost consider putting it on regularly just to get out of bed daily in the morning these days.
Again not an oil so a bit easier to self apply, non-greasy and provides good coverage with a small amount of application. A good smell if you like deep heat but not as strong more of a gradual heat. 
I'm yet to have a rating system - but I give it a Thumbs Up! 

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