Sunday, March 29, 2015

Relay for Life - Inspired Running

Got the call from my Mum nothing out of the ordinary for a Tuesday; but this was a call for help. More so assistance from my legs. The Rotary Group she has been involved in were attending the Relay 4 Life at Greensborough Aths Track.

A worthy cause no doubt, these events have happened in all sorts of towns and states ran by the Cancer Council. My mothers group wanted to make sure they were raising the bar from last year and had enlisted a few younger sets of legs to get some laps in for them.

A 24 hr event where community groups meet and camp out at the Athletics track over night to be involved in raising money for Cancer is a noble cause and one I hadn't been involved in.

Quick background my mother has worked in the nursing profession her whole life and dedicated herself to the care of so many people from being a midwife, emergency departments, aged care and also palliative care. Cancer is something she had to help care for families and loved ones during this awful disease.

So the to run was a no brainer! But with little Z-Girl at home causing all sorts of late night havoc and the wife not ready to run at the moment, I bypassed my usual Parkrun BRICK session and got on the bike to ride to the track. I could only spare an hour of my Saturday due to Dad duties so I wanted to make every minute count.

Getting along side my brother we jogged out 6km together before he (not a runner, but trying to convince him) had gone far enough, I pushed on. Inspired by the survivors walking the track, and the messages of support pinned along the fence as I ran that mentioned the hope and spirit that drives over 500 people to spend 24 hours straight walking around a out of the Athletics track.

I didn't break any land speed records cruising at a comfortable pace of 5:40 per KM but including my cooldown walk I run over 10km - which was quite taxing on a circular track, mentally I had to stay to task after the 8km mark as my head started to want to slow down, but I just kept throwing my feet in front of each other.

35 laps of the track I left them with; but big props to my brother who clocked up 75 laps including some midnight loops.

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