Thursday, May 28, 2015

The unknown variables

Training can be disrupted by unknowns - variables that come up outside of your control that can either prevent or require an adjustment.

These variables can be family, injury, weather or for us part time weekend warriors, work can get in the way of having fun on our bikes.

It's how we adjust and manage this change in training that I think makes the part time athlete sometimes stronger mentally than the professional, I mean pros have all day to get that training in - we only have small windows of time to operate within to get the job done.

Sometimes it's wholesale mindset changes and the unknowns that can drive you to greater things.

I just found out my super crazy amazing daughter of 10 weeks has some issues with her hip or hips. As an athletic driven male it's heart breaking to think my own flesh and blood is in someway not quite right; it worries me she won't get to enjoy the pleasures that sports offered me, the friendships and opportunity to meet people from all walks of life.

It's clear overreaction at this stage; a brace that will force her hips to sit in the correct position will be required for 6 to 12 months; this will bring with it difficultly in sleeping, bathing and generally getting around day to day. My wife is obviously upset, and concerned about if the procedure doesn't work and how it will effect her when she needs to go back to work and won't be in her care, as well as the extra pressure in looking after her.

We've still got it pretty good, I have friends with worse family issues so I certainly am not climbing to the top of the sympathy tree with this one. And trying to look at what we have rather than what we don't have has sometimes been my way of reminding myself the luck I've created over the journey.

This is the training variable - this trumps the weather or a busy work schedule, this is moment where sometimes you can't be so selfish as you are in a individual sport. The first step is the 'pausing' of my personal training business that will reduce income for events but give me more time to support my wife and daughter.

It all became little more mentally demanding rather than physical in one phone call last night; strength internally will be needed to keep the positive parenting alive when sponge baths aren't as much fun as 'tub time' and assisting in her development from crawling to walking with a brace on will become harder than it looks.

They say even roses have to grow from dirt ...

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