Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cheeta Recovery - Review

You've heard me talk about it before on here, recovery. Finding those rest days or moments to let the body rejuvenate so it can put out it's best performance every time you train. What's good for the body is good for the mind as well. Recovery isn't always about sitting on the couch and watching Friday Night Football, you have add in diet, stretching & foam rolling and some sleep. 

I've told you about investing in a good foam roller and my next encouragement is recovery garments, or tights, or leggings depending on how you view them. Short ones or long ones it doesn't matter. 

Medical compression stockings have been used in the treatment of poor venous blood flow for more than 50 years. These medical compression stockings are usually worn over the leg and foot and are adapted to create a controlled, gradient compression force on the leg. 

Recent research with athletes has shown that compression garments may provide ergogenic benefits for athletes during exercise by enhancing lactate removal, reducing muscle oscillation and positively influencing psychological factors. Research has also shown that compression garments may promote blood lactate removal and therefore enhance recovery during periods following strenuous exercise, other investigations have suggested that the use of compression garments during recovery periods may reduce the symptoms associated with delayed onset muscle soreness and we all hate the dreaded DOMS after a hard workout. 

This brings me to the fine products of Cheeta Recovery; when I line myself up with a company it has give me benefit first, it has be what I need to perform at my best on and off the training track, and having sore legs after a big ride when you have to push the pram around the next day is not my idea of fun! 

Great range in traditional black for Men & Women
Cheeta Recovery are an Australian compression garment company, the kind of company you may not of heard of, but now you have you won't shut up about them. They have heard the screams from gym users about the outrageous cost of other leading retail brands and the need for a top class product to assist with recovery, cold morning runs, chaffing as well as fitting like a well known label.

By cutting out the middle man and working as a small independant company Cheeta Recovery have succesfulyl created a range of garments that suit all requirements, from the footballer needing some extra support with a shorter cut, the morning athlete needing some much needed the warmth, the long garment for the post event recovery walk as well the active female looking for something just as stylist out of the gym as in the gym. 

My experience having been dropped of a pair of long and short garments, firstly the fit is snug. The sizing chart is sport on based on height and weight and makes picking your size easy. I tried the CR Long Pants after coming back Friday from a long day in the office and a long ride in the morning, slipping into them for a night of TV and relaxing, with plenty of flex and thickness they were warm but not too hot. I like to sleep in compression gear overnight when I have had a heavy day and these worked great! 
CR Long Pants Retail at $60 

The next day getting out to my local running group, I have had some tightness in my hamstrings and wanting to make sure I kept them warm for the 5km medium/slow pace jog the CR Shorts were just the ticket, a little bit longer than most compression shorts, meaning they cover the full hamstring finishing just at the start of the knee, this coverage keeps the area warm and supported with no real issues getting around the track. 

It's great when your out and people notice your outfit; and popping down to the coffee shop that day with the CR Long Pants on with a nice set of shorts over the top for some extra recovery time I had plenty of people asking if I was wearing something new! 

Get yourself in contact with Cheeta Recovery or myself - I will be sorting out some great bulk order discounts for all supporters of the Dadathlon & Zen Fitness Personal Training and feel this affordable garment range starting at $40 is a bargain for the product you're getting in return and literally half the price the big brands, and its Australian! and we all love a good Aussie doing well! 

Contact myself directly, or keep your eyes peeled on here up coming deals on Cheeta Recovery and in the meantime keep active and get ready as Spring is here!! 

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