Friday, January 9, 2015

It started with a bike ride

Looking back retrospectively it really did start with a bike ride and a book. 

My wife had tackled a marathon before and as she jokes I've played every sport there is, which not quite true but yes before my hair started to fade off my head I had successfully been a high school basketball champion, baseball, cricket, soccer, aussie rules football and some golf as well. 

I like sport! I like playing, I like the challenge of learning something new and I like the people you meet the places you play. It solves all my problems, it makes me forget about some of previous dead-end jobs or overpowering bosses. 

But as I walked off the field from my new found sporting fling, RUGBY. Which has a small family history being part British and all. We had just lifted the Premiership Shield and I was stoked at the effort it took, 4 seasons, lots of gym work - I'd put upwards of 10kgs on my more athletic built frame through hard work in the gym, eating right and training real hard I knew then and in the back of mind that organised sport, with organised training times was never going to work being a Dad. 

So what's a guy to do .... I'd grown to love rugby but this may of been my last full season, and maybe for the better, my back didn't hold up well and I hid a shoulder injury through the last part of the season just to get into the final. 

Well I started riding my bike to work, just a lazy 20km round trip and then I went down to my local Parkrun Group and started jogging 5km and lastly I read Ultramarathon Man. 

And then it hit me ...

Event. Running Events, no better yet Triathlon Events. 

No real club required, I train myself on my own time to my own plan. 

And it a short space of 3 months I was baby shopping while looking at the latest tri-suits on my phone - and the obsession started.

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