Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Baby Got Back

Week 39 of Pregnancy - Still no baby. Into the final week of my PT Group before I take a months break to be with the baby.

But my back is killing me; it's like a dull pain in the left trap/ shoulder blade. Almost maybe like I slept on it funny. Surprising it gets worse the longer I sit in my office chair! So it could be an allergic reaction to the office.

Either way for the past 4 days this pain has really set me back, I haven't been able to run or jog; haven't lifted any Kettlebells or done a body weight circuit in the mornings. Riding to work is OK and I do feel it, but have found a little activity recently has helped with some blood flow to the area. 

But it's driving me nuts this spasm of pain that keeps occurring! Might try some heat packs and a light run tonight, as it's been 2 weeks due to work events that I've missed Parkrun and quite keen to get a 5km lap in. 

My next event (life event of baby is next) is a 10km Run Melbourne on the 26th of July; BUT this time I'm doing it with a Pram, need to work on a slight change of stride I'd run it in under 1 Hour if possible so need a good base of fitness and it will start to get colder down here, unlike my American buddies heading into prime Spring Racing time. 

So this back injury better back-off, go back to where it came from and generally back the f#ck off as I'm sick of it! 

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