Monday, February 23, 2015

Getting my fix

Maintaining a good operating bicycle takes time and $$ 

More so in the $$ department.

I had come up to 1000km's on both my bikes I use; the Daily Rider for getting to work was starting to sound a little tight and the rear chain was dragging a little. My weekender/ competing bike had somehow blown the side wall of the rim!?!?!

I know confusing; and sadly in my rage I never took a photo of it; but its clear to say that when I took it to the fine chaps at +Ivanhoe Cycles Megastore (my local shop) it surprised them, and it's never good when you surprise your bike shop tech dudes. 

So between trying to save money for upcoming events and extra baby items; including a pump that will be no good for inflating tires of any kind I've had to stump up $240 to repair and rebuild my rear wheel, thankfully not including spokes. 

Now of course this was never going to be the end of it; riding to work a felt a large object flick under my wheel of the Daily Bike. Didn't get a good look felt like a rock or piece of industrial masonry item on Collins St a quick check of the Tyre on arrival to the showers didn't really show any damage; that was until 6pm when I wanted to ride out to St Kilda for dinner .... flat tyre. 

I don't carry spare tubes. I can't fit spare tubes. In fact I'm so bad at bike repairs I've given up. 

I get covered in grease, lube and oil (and that's changing a tyre) a long with the frustration that accures means I have never changed one flat Tyre correctly instead leaving it to +Ivanhoe Cycles Megastore or +Cycles Galleria - Bourke St to do my dirty work. 

Am I lazy? 

Is this cost effective?

At $35 to change my tube; I've had it happen now 3 times plus this wheel rebuild of $240 I'm not so convinced I'm saving that much money on commuting to work via bicycle; in fact I might be breaking even JUST! 

But then I don't have a $100 a month gym membership nor do I complain when I get home late at night that I haven't been active enough this week. Not so sure what the $$ value of that is?

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