Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Here comes the sun, August Training

Here comes the doo doo doo, here comes the sun and I say  it's alright  .....

Just thinking of my favorite little Beatles track as I wake to some August sunshine, make no mistake its a little chilly still and that wind can threaten rain clouds, but the evenings at 5:30pm when I jump on the bike to get home aren't pitch black straight away. And the weekends are offering more opportunity to get out on some longer less soggy rides without every thermal product I own on.

August is the beginning of the Ironman 70 Training EEK!

With a perfect 6 months out from the event in the first week in February 2016. It also means it's time to get back in the pool. I like swimming, in fact I'm pretty proud of my swimming exploits as a youngster, even to the point that I wish I had stayed on the black line in the pool more than I did chasing hoop dreams in the USA.

Now adding in another session without losing one is going to up the effort levels, and will require a late night swim to begin with until Z-Girl is joining us in pool. The initial plan was to start her in swimming lessons and that then gives me a chance to swim while Super Wife & Z-Girl paddle about, rotating every two weeks so I get to have some fun as well, and was part of another family training session.

Swimming lessons are popular for little ones so it seems and with all the bookings taken till September I'm going to have to start training without my No.1 Sidekick.

Last month I added in longer runs, no booze and better recovery techniques; I'm happy to say that I'm 5-6 weeks (I lost count) and still no booze it's now starting to feel normal waking up fresh without a fuzz on a Saturday & Sunday morning, so much so I don't even feel like a beer on a Friday.

The longer runs have built up my endurance levels; but they do take a little longer to recover from if I don't foam roll and eat clean foods afterwards. Been a bit slack with foam rolling and it's resulted in some soar weekend efforts. Running is becoming a friend more than an enemy, and even has me thinking bigger and badder trail runs this Spring.

This month will be about keeping the routine going; I think I have developed the plan well but now need to look at what surrounds it, diet! I got a bio-signature done by my good friend and super-dooper Personal Trainer at Fitness First QV shel (Thanks Ria) and it showed me a lot of what I knew and now need to fix. The results gave me 10% body fat, so in the elite range but I lacked protein and my sugar/carb levels were a little high.

I'm a sweet tooth guy and I chew up pasta for fun! So it's going to be tough getting cleaner, I'm not a dirty eater but I dabble in late night chocolates, biscuits from the tin at work with my coffee and maybe the odd muffin mid morning. I like sugar what can I say, with my carbs I think I'm conditioned in this area so need to just look at my in take and try not to double up with carbs for lunch and dinner.

August Training Plan:

Mon - Rest Day *
Tues - Ride to Work ^
Wed - Long Run 10km
Thurs - Ride to Work
Fri - Long Ride 35km - Swim Session Evening (8pm)
Sat - Running Group 5-8km
Sun - Group Ride 35km

* Might look to add in a AM swim if I can't make the Friday night swim session
^ I've changed my route to work, so my normal commute round trip is up from 20km to 25km

Events in August
Duathlon   Race 2 with Team Physiohealth
Arthurs Seat Ride with Sommerville Crew

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